"Surviving cancer was a breeze compared to living with Migraine"

-testimonial given to legislators in Washington, DC


We need a miracle
— every person living with Migraine


This awareness project is designed to make the lives of patients easier by helping others understand their condition. Its goal is to educate and inform, and begin to eliminate stigma through short media productions. Our faces are those of patients, family, friends, care partners, doctors and researchers.

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Misinformation and stigma has resulted in the loss of too many Migraine and Headache disorder patients. We are passionately trying to end the devastation to lives affected by these diseases and disorders. Here you will find the best of reliable links easily understood by patients and their families, and usable by physicians.

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This is an awareness project of the Migraine and Headache disorders community. Many volunteers have made these videos and photos possible. One of our volunteers may be your friend, neighbor or family member. Please help support these projects by sharing the videos, links and information provided on this site.