Migraine and Headache disorders are largely misunderstood and quite stigmatized. It is prevalent, costly to families and society, and disabling to a large percentage of those who have the disease.

The feather represents Hope - for more research, better understanding, and targeted treatments we lack. Hope is vital to patients, and without it, too many are lost to this disease. 

This awareness project is designed to make the lives of patients easier by helping others understand their health condition. Its goal is to educate and inform, and begin to eliminate stigma through short media productions. Our faces are those of patients, family, friends, care partners, doctors and researchers.

There will be ongoing educational and awareness projects for Migraine and other Headache disorders, and we invite you to help. To learn about these and other community activities as they become available, please sign up for our newsletter.  

Completed projects: 

 The Faces of Migraine 2013

Current projects:

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