Misinformation and stigma has resulted in the loss of too many Migraine and Headache disorder patients. We are passionately trying to end the devastation to lives affected by these diseases and disorders. Here you will find the best of reliable links easily understood by patients and their families, and usable by physicians.

It is our experience that there are many online resources for patients, however it's difficult for them to identify those that are reliable. If a patient can't take what they've found to their doctor, it only adds to the confusion. 

Many sites serve only to further fracture a community that needs to come together. We've learned that we can become better educated on sites that are all-inclusive, because we are often exposed to terms and conditions we might not be familiar with otherwise. This helps patients research and help their doctors find answers for them.  

We're still working hard to have this ready for you. Please stay tuned for some of the most awesome resources on the web!